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Innovative compression technology in the PDX ELITE VIBRATING MEGA MILKER is designed to... mehr
Produktinformationen "Vibrating Mega Milker - Flesh"
Innovative compression technology in the PDX ELITE VIBRATING MEGA MILKER is designed to automatically surround your shaft with stimulating pressure, allowing for incredible squeeze and release pleasure. A transparent window allows you to view the action as every inch of your cock is milked over and over by 6 empowering speeds.

A super-smooth, lifelike Fanta Flesh interior sleeve lined with massaging ribs, bumps and pleasing textures will fulfill your fantasies with every thrust. For fully automated vibration, simply press the button on the powerful rechargeable motor and enjoy 7 patterns of teasing vibrations that travel all the way up your shaft.

Explore your options! The sturdy exterior case with an adjustable locking suction cup can be set to your preferred hands-free position, or remove the interior Fanta Flesh sleeve for handheld pleasure.

Lifelike Fanta Flesh – Our super-soft Fanta Flesh mimics the feel and warmth of real skin.
Vibration – Command 7 powerful vibration patterns to surround your penis with a maximum mind-blowing experience!
Compression – Advanced compression technology applies just the right amount of pleasing pressure in 6 varying milking speeds.
Transparent Window – The clear, durable window allows you to watch yourself enjoy the best masturbation experience of your life!
LED Light Show – Enjoy the colorful glow of the LED light show to illuminate your masturbation experience.
Removeable & Adjustable Locking Suction Cup – Intensely powerful suction allows attachment to almost every flat surface with an innovative twisting lock design for an extra strength connection.
3 Button Operation – A super-strong rechargeable motor provides 7 patterns of stimulating vibrations, 6 satisfying milking speeds and a rousing LED light show.

Operating Instructions:

VIBRATION: Press and hold the Mode button to start vibration. Press again to cycle through 7 patterns of vibration. Press and hold to turn off.
COMPRESSION: Press and hold the Compression button to start automated milking masturbation. Press again to cycle through 6 speeds of intensity. Press and hold to turn off.
LED LIGHT SHOW: To activate the colorful LED light press and hold the LED button. The dynamic light cycles through a colorful light show automatically. Press and hold to turn off.
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